Top of the Sun, Glacier NP


Paul and his sister Cindy enjoying the view of Avalance Lake in Glacier National Park.  We took a six mile hike and the views were spectacular.


It is a pretty decent uphill from the parking lot but very soon you get to see this amazing stream.  It was flowing very quickly and there were many areas you could get right down and into the water.AvalanceTrail

Then as you climb away from the stream this is the beautiful, lush forest you are walking through.  The trail was really well maintained.  So far, one of my favorite hikes on this trip.  I think mostly because it was so clean, hardly any people (we did get on the trail by 8, at 10 when we were descending there were scads of people) and the sun was hidden so it was cool.


At two miles you arrive at the lake and then you look across and….




The mountain was filled with waterfalls.  You couldn’t get up to them but you could definitely hear them.  Perfect.


This little guy was sure we left some scrapes after we left his log.  Returning to the trailhead and our car we were amazed at how many people were scurring for a parking spot.  I wonder how many got one and how many actually took the hike.  We find that most people visiting the NP never get very far from the parking areas.

We decided to take the drive through the rest of the park on Going to the Sun Road.  A beautiful drive through the heart of Glacier NP, actually the only road that goes through the park.  Once we got to the Eastern side the sun finally came out.  We stopped in the Eastern Lodge just to look around and then we continued around the park.



If you look closely near the bottom you will see an arch.  That is built so the waterfall can go under the road!

Tomorrow we will explore a different, less traveled part of the park and enjoy one more day with Pauls sister before we split again.  Next meet up will be on our Alaskan Cruise.


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