Here we are again

Boiling River again

                                Boiling River again

One of our favorite parks and this week we are at the top end.  We are coming across Montana and the park is only 50 miles south.  Mammoth Hot Springs area was amazing last time so we made the trip.  By the time we got there it was very crowded and hot so no hiking today.


This is the entrance gate from the north into Yellowstone NP,  There is these tiny doors and of course Paul has to check out the mechanics.  We decided the doors are not original and they have been put in so you can see the arch is hollow.


See the door in the corner?  That is how tall this arch entrance gate is.


Mammoth Hot Springs, this time was not spectacular,  still very cool but there was very little water flowing and they didn’t have that “it” factor.



This one was pretty cool,  all created from hot boiling water coming out of the ground.


We saw a couple of beautiful waterfalls in the north area.  We had to walk a bit to see them.

The river below the falls


The Gorge the river runs through.  This was from a viewpoint very high up.


Just a wall!  Actually it was a wall that went straight up from the road with these trees sticking out into the sky.


And of course the Elk that come into the park to graze and relax on the grass in the early evenings.


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