Another “Fine” day

Enjoying Rocky Mountain National Park.


Lava Cliffs near the top of the mountain


The Rockies.  I love the clouds


Yes, I do!


We found something we had not seen last year, lots of waterfalls.  This is Alluvail Fan.  There were people everywhere.  I was amazed that they let you climb the rocks, walk in the water.  It was great.RMNPElk2

Elk trying to enjoy the green grass and all the people clamoring for the best shot!  I had a better one of the top Elk with his butt to me.


Paul at Alluvail Fan

RMNPWaterfalls                                                                                                                                            Another Water Fall

And now for my new hobby.  Actually it has  always been a hobby but now I am going to photograph it and share!  People watching.


This family joined our picnic area and had no idea we were even there.  They walked these kids back and forth across a log that was not off the ground!  Very fun to watch.  The little girl is holding her sandwich in her hand that is raised way up.  She never dropped it and took a bit hardly ever.RMNPPeople7

Cairn, the stacking of rocks is always fun to see, but watching this boy doing it was very fun


Just playing on the rocks next to a really fast moving steep waterfall.



Dad joining him, now that is much safer

Dad joining him, now that is much safer


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