Finding a trail that the Dog can do sometimes is a challenge

We always look for trails the dog can come on and that is not always easy.  Many of them are just the paths in town which are ok, but usually too crowded and definitely do not take advantage of nature.  I found one that seemed like it would work, it was about 4 miles with a 900 foot elevation gain.  That is doable unless the trailhead starts at 8100 feet!  I thought I was going to die the first 1/4 mile!  The view was beautiful and so many wild flowers



I love the wildflowers and this trail had so many.  It was  an open space area with lots of camping and primitive amenities.  To get to the trailhead we had to drive on a dirt road about 2 miles all up!

Looking down on Estes Lake and town

Looking down on Estes Lake and town


Duke loves to hike and makes sure to water all the plants, living and dead.  I think of it like dropping cookie crumbs so he can find his way home!  Once we got past this look out which was at about 3/4 of a mile I was starting to feel like I could do the 2 miles up to the rock and then the sky turns dark, and starts with it’s afternoon noises!  We went another 1/4 mile and decided we probably were not prepared to get caught in a thunderstorm.

Just the start of the dark skies!  Behind us it was almost black!

Just the start of the dark skies! Behind us it was almost black!

We turned around but now I know I can do it if I take it easy at the beginning so we will try another one tomorrow.

Since it was cold and somewhat rainy and only 2 pm we decided to take a drive into the National Park.  Duke can come into the park as long as he doesn’t go on the trails.  We went into the park and took the drive up to Bear Lake.  It was a beautiful drive and very wet.  They do have a 1/2 mile trail around the lake and since it was cold we left Duke to guard the car and took a walk.  I call it a walk because it is one of those trails that everyone can do and everyone was there!  It would have made a great picnic hike though.  We don’t usually pack a lunch when we hike but this one we could have

Bear Lake, RMNP

                              Bear Lake, RMNP


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