Trying to stay away from the tourists

Estes Park is at the base of Rocky Mountain NP and is very popular especially over the holiday weekend.  We knew this coming in.  The RV park is packed but we have lots of room around our spot and some good views of the mountains.  The weather has been beautiful and then here come the thunderstorms every afternoon.  You can tell we are not locals because when the wind and rain come we retreat inside and I watch everyone else just going about their business.  It seems cold to Paul and I so we try to bundle up and sit outside however our little propane firepit just does not provide the heat we need.

There is tennis courts right in town and a really nice path around Estes Lake so we have been getting lots of exercise without hitting the trails in the park.  We will do those after the 4th!  We do join the masses in town at the Starbucks but after finally getting my latte (about 20 minutes) we sit along the stream and enjoy!

We survived the holiday and never heard a firework.  Duke gets really spooked so we are afraid to leave him if we don’t know the area so we stayed in the RV park and never heard anything.  They had a big display over the lake but it was far enough away we missed it.

Tomorrow we hit the trails!

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