Had to take a chance

Between Hot Springs and Custer State Park is Wind Cave National Park.  We knew nothing about it, had never heard of it but we haven’t been in a cave this year so why not!  Plus it is always cool inside a cave and it was pretty warm in South Dakota this week with lots of crazy storms in the afternoons so off we go!  It is one of the oldest National Parks and you would have no idea a cave was here, it is below a prairie of small hills with lots of grass.  We checked in and got our tickets for the Fairgrounds Tour.  It involved lots of steps so we thought it might not be that popular, but it was.  Our tour was at least 30 people but the guide was amazing and we saw so much and really enjoyed our 2 hours inside the cave.





Box work, something that you don’t usually see in caves.  It looked like someone had poured water over a sugar cube!



More Box Work

It was an amazing cave and we are so glad we took the leap to try something we had no idea about.  It was an amazing experience.  This whole area is amazing and definitely on our list of returning, for now we are on our way to Colorado and more exploring of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

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