Weather Midwester Style

We were woken up this morning by the sirens and buckets of rain along with lots of wind.  Many people in the park took shelter in the bathrooms which is the only building on the property that may withstand a tornado.  As you know RV’s and mobile homes are useless in a tornado.  Being from California none of us are smart enough to be scared so we hung out in the Tennants’ rig and watched the weather reports.  Paul was out in the rain with his umbrella!  There were no tornados reported in the area and all was safe by 9 am!

After we survived the tornado warning we went to the first of the two shows we were attending today.  We saw Shoji Tabuchi in the morning with front row seating.  He is an amazing violin player from Japan who loves country music!  This was an amazing show and our favorite so far here in Branson. 

Later in the evening we all attended the show SIX which Paul and I thought was a pretty good show before Shoji and had already seen it twice.  This time was a bit of a let down as our seats were pretty far back and it was hard to get the full effect. Oh well!

Home early and good bye to the Tennants who are leaving tomorrow am for Lincoln Nebraska for Peggy’s family reunion picnic.  We are going to be lonely when our friends are gone.

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