Grand Tetons Day 1 (Mostly!)

We came into the park from the west thru Idaho.  We reached the peak where everyone stops before descending into Jackson over Teton Pass. It is a two lane road with a 10 percent grade for 5 1/2 miles! The Winnebago Journey handled it beautifully.

At the top of the grade!

At the top of the grade!

Yep,  you are very high and the valley is way down!  That is snow in the background.  This guy pulled over just before he started his descent!  I hope he has newer brakes than the age of the car.


That was yesterday on our way in!  Today, the weather is a bit cool and it sprinkled a little this evening after we had a wonderful day of hiking near Colter Bay in the park.  We are staying right outside of the park so it is very convenient.  Our first stop was a spot that was very near the Snake River and Paul got out and immediately returned to the car.  The mosquitos were huge and a couple hitchhiked into the car on his clothing!  Darn, I was hoping for a lot of hiking today.  The good news is when we got further into the park and near the big tourist stops the mosquitos were manageable with some DEET, or so we think!  I’ll know in a couple of days whether it worked or not.  We hiked about 7 miles all together, taking two separate trails.








The Tetons are amazingly beautiful and today was not the best photography day but you get the idea!  They are huge, amazing, beautiful and you can see them for miles.  Our RV park is about 5 miles from the edge of the Park and we can see them!

It is very lush here and everything is blooming.  Here is a sample of the flowers that are growing in the park.


TetonsFlower (10)

TetonsFlower (9)

TetonsFlower (8)

TetonsFlower (3)

TetonsFlower (5)

TetonsFlower (6)

TetonsFlower (7)


Yellow and Purple are the predominant colors and there are Yellow Daisy like flowers are everywhere.  There are huge fields of them.

We didn’t see much wildlife today but we did see a few interesting birds along with Canadian Geese and one Duck that took off just as I was getting the camera ready!





There are not many waterfalls that are within our hiking ability but of course I did capture one!  We saw it without much trouble!

Can you see it?

Can you see it?




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