Kings & Tennants visit Branson

This is so exciting, we have visitors again.  The Tennants & Kings arrived on Monday, May 4 around 6 pm after traveling over a week across the country just to see me!   We spent the evening catching up and enjoying some warm weather for once.

Tuesday we spent the day planning our week and a trip to Walmart to restock the liquor cabinets of all 3 of us!!! It also poured rain all day and so it made it hard to get out and enjoy Branson.

Wednesday we finally got out to a show, Yakov the Russian Comedian.  He was pretty funny and we got to share the Branson style of entertainment with our friends.  I think everyone was surprised by the large amount of time spent telling us how great America is!!!!

Wednesday dinner was with the other workampers for a Hawaiian Potluck.

My friends

My friends

Duke got to come to the party but was not impressed with his seat nor the decorations.


This is so much fun having friends here.  We spend most evening either just talking and laughing.  One night we played a game the we will call Quarters cause no one knows the name!  Eddie won and took home 4 extra dollars.

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