Another week at a glance

Not much new happening this week; Duke was sick, it rained everyday, and we were tired from our Talladega adventure.  Today we made a trip to Walmart and replaced the printer we broke on our way to Talladega.  We took a pretty windy road and it fell off the shelf!  The road was beautiful but we were not prepared for it – we had stuff flying around in the RV, stuff that sat there all the way from California to Arizona and then to Branson. 

The weather here has been rainy all week and it seems like it is never going to stop!  I figure when we leave on June 1 to return to CA it will get beautiful and stay that way the rest of the summer.  It is definitely green here and if it would quit raining I bet everything would be blooming and beautiful.  For everyone that is not sure California (San Jose especially) has the best weather, believe me you can’t beat it.  There are a lot of great reasons to be here and the other places we have been but the weather is not it!

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