Work week

Reality check!  Paul is back to working and I am back to entertaining myself within walking distance of the Elks lodge.  There is a couple parks nearby, 3 Starbucks, 2 Walmarts and several fast food spots within 2 miles in several directions.  I’m having a blast.  I had Starbucks 3 days in a row, bought groceries (that fit in a backpack) dropped jeans off at an alterations shop and stopped into the Pet Express just to look around.

We met our niece and nephew,  Sarah & Eric in downtown Denver for dinner in a very up and coming neighborhood one evening.  So much fun seeing them and hanging out with young people.  Dinner was in a food coop made up of freight containers, sort of!  Excellent food, then across the street for some German beer tastings.

Saturday is our weekend just like everyone else this week.  We headed off to Golden Colorado for the Coor’s Tour.


Coor's Brewery

Coor’s Brewery

Interesting place, you show up, park and then wait in line for 1 hour until your bus comes to pick you up and transport you across the parking lot.  You arrive .25 miles away from your car, enter the brewery, they take your photo, check your ID, slap a wristband on you and hand you a device for your self directed audio tour through the brewery.

It was pretty informative but you don’t see much other than displays.  Being Saturday we knew it would be slow but we thought that we would get a tour, especially because we had to wait an hour.  In the middle of the tour they give you a two ounce pour of either Coor’s or Coor’s Light and then the highlight is the end of the tour, which by watching most people they were going right to the tasting room where you get up to 3- 7 ounce glasses of 5 different beers!

Coor's Brewery Beers

Coor’s Brewery Beers

The tasting was very nice, almost like going to one of the local breweries but you didn’t have to pay.  I had no idea all these beers are produced by Coors!  That was a bonus cause I like Blue Moon,  that was one of my tastes today.

Colorado has also made theirselves known around the states as the place to get high!  So far, all the high we have seen is up the mountain at 12K elevation.  There are not pot shops anywhere,  you have to hunt for one.  We have not even smelled any.  I’ve seen more pot in Arizona at the RV resorts than I have in Colorado where it’s legal

Strip Mall Pot Shop

Strip Mall Pot Shop

We did find a shop after using Yelp to find one.  Interesting, not very attractive and the people I saw going in were not my peeps.  Did we go in?  I’ll never tell.


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