You won’t find this in the tour books

Yesterday morning while I was playing fetch with Duke in front of the Elks, a very nice man stopped his truck and asked if we were coffee drinkers.  Yep,  I was just thinking about brewing myself a fresh cup from our Keurig machine.  Anyway, I told him yes and he pointed down the road, telling me past the golf course was a great coffee spot.  He said the guy ships his coffee all over the USA and has the best coffee around.  That got my attention because there were no businesses out here in the country that I could see.

So this morning Paul and I got in the car, drove up the road and sure enough right in front of a farm house was a sign ESPRESSO and an American Flag waving.  We make the turn and see a little shack and an old truck pulled up to the window. We pulled into the wrong driveway and the man in the booth steps out and says “if you want help you got to get out of my yard and come around to the window the right way!”  Great, we’ve ticked off the owner, we probably aren’t getting any coffee.

Paul,  not being intimidated backs up, pulls around and drives right up to the window where once we started chatting with the guy he was very nice, just a bit gruff, like my husband!  Great pair.  We had a nice chat, told him we heard he had great coffee and ordered a cup of coffee and a latte for me.  Wow,  right out in the middle of nowhere I’m getting my Starbucks fix and it was 1/2 the price.  We paid $4.00 for both including the cup and tax.  Then before we left the guy says to Paul “you got a dog in there?”  Oh yeah,  usually we roll down the window for Duke to say hi but this time we were so thrown off by our start that we hadn’t.  Paul rolls the window down,  the guy offers Duke a milkbone and then he says, “can he have a Pupachino?”  What?  Well of course he can have a treat.  The guy proceeds to take a small cup, fill it with whipped cream from a can, sticks 3 large milkbones around the edge and holds it out for Duke.  You should have seen our dog,  all manners were out the window!  He ate as much of the whipped cream as his tongue would reach and then grabbed the milkbones and ate those too.

I wonder if I can order a Pupachino next time Duke and I go to Starbucks?

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