I did it, I really did it!

When we first started this learning to eat rather than eating everything, and anything anytime I thought we will lose a few pounds, learn a couple new things about our bodies and probably keep doing what we love, EATING!  Somehow that didn’t happen and I find myself today celebrating that I finally after 30 years weigh what I should weigh.  I met my goal today!  Yippee, congratulations!  Lets celebrate!

And I did,  we had our friends Kathy and Rob, who live near Boise over for dinner and I made a really healthy dinner, Kathy brought wine which I thoroughly enjoyed and I made dessert!  I made brownies (from a box, cause I think they are just as good as the scratch ones)  and we had a scoop of Cafe Latte frozen Yogurt on top!

It was so yummy.  I promised that I would give the rest of the pan of brownies away and Paul delivered 2 large brownies to some neighbors in the RV park but the other 1/2 of the pan is sitting on my kitchen counter and I haven’t touched them!  That deserves a big pat on the back for me!

I can’t eat them.  Today we are going to the fair where I will eat lots of fun stuff so the brownies may test me again tomorrow and if I can hold off I may have another before they dry out!  Do you know how amazing that statement is?  I use to make a pan of brownies, Paul would eat 1 and I could consume the rest in 2 days max!!!

So, another milestone has been met.  I feel confident that I can do this and I also feel very proud of myself.  It’s hard but not impossible so I will keep working at it and enjoying life to the fullest.

Have a great day.  Do something you love, I am!!!

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