Old habits die hard!

Good habits, like not over eating & saying no are no easy task.  We buy all the right foods and are not health nuts but we know what we should be eating and every once in awhile all that hard work just gets forgotten.

Tuesday we were in Walmart, had filled our cart with all the foods from the perimeter of the store (produce, meats, dairy) and we headed to the checkout line.  Everything is going good and while we are loading our groceries onto the belt the nice lady in the blue Walmart jacket opens the warmer with fresh pizza and says to me “Pizza, $1.00!  Paul didn’t hear her and I had to repeat it to him!  Paul cannot pass up a deal.  14” Pepperoni Pizza for only a $1, of course he had to take one!  I’m thinking that is going to cost us cause I know I don’t have enough calories left in my day for pizza.

We make it to the parking lot and I say “are we going to have one slice and throw it away?”  Paul is already consuming his slice.  Dinner was already planned,  and my app said I had about 500 calories!  Paul made the decision to have pizza for dinner and I chose to make the dinner we planned!  I love pizza but pepperoni isn’t my favorite and by the time we were going to be home it wasn’t going to be that good!  I made a good decision for me, Paul is still pondering his although he had put the extra pieces in the refrigerator for the following days and in the am decided to toss it!

And that is one way we are continuing on this journey!  You can have your splurges, just be pickier!


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