The SCALE!!!

The scale is somehow the most important item when we try to lose weight.  We aren’t happy with our clothes getting too big we have to see that number.  Paul and I didn’t even have a scale and immediately went out and purchased one in January when we started on this journey.

Everyone has a different idea of how and when you should weigh but if you think about it, whatever motivates you should determine how you use the tools you have.   Me,  I was fine only weighing once a week until the first week when on my day to weigh, I hadn’t lost any weight!  What?  Well I got on scale the next day and apparently my body thinks 8 days is a better gauge because on the eigth day I had infact lost more than my predetermined amount of weight for the week!  Yippy.

There is always a bit of relief and a moment of celebration when the scale says you done good!

Paul doesn’t get down when the scale isn’t cooperating, he gets motivation from the negitive information the scale often provides!  In fact he weighs more than once a day, often times he weighs as many times as he walks past the scale and we live in this small RV so walking past the scale is constant!  I’ve seen him step on the scale in the middle of the night.

So, we use the scale constantly and it helps us plan our days.  If it wasn’t nice in the morning I try to make my meals a bit healthier by making sure I am getting whole foods, fruits, vegetables and protein and skipping the carbs which are oh so good.  So it isn’t always a matter of calories, sometimes different kinds of calories are needed to get the results you are looking for.

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