New Brighton State Beach

Loving this life!

We moved from Morgan Hill on Sunday to enjoy the cooler temperatures and ocean breezes at New Brighton State Beach.  This is one of my favorite places to camp.  Our site is off the ocean but I can see the water from the front window and at night you can hear the waves.  I will be here all week on a true vacation and Paul will return to Stockton on Monday to work returning to the beach on Friday night.

I am truly enjoying my RV and the ocean this week.  Each day the dogs and I go for several walks around the campground and then down on the beach.  Duke really likes the beach and especially chasing sticks and burying them – not sure what that is all about but he is having fun.  Allie is with me this week also and she just follows along wherever we go.  Getting down to the beach is a pretty good hike all down hill so the return is really painful.  Allie and I need to stop several times to check the scenery along the way!

 Tuesday evening I got to play a round of golf at De La Veaga Golf Course in Santa Cruz.  My friend from San Jose joined me and we golfed with her brother and his mens league.  It was a beautiful course and the men were very kind!

Wednesday I had company for the evening and we went to a great mexican restaurant right on the beach!  Dinner was great and the service was excellent until our waiter dropped a ceramic plate on the tile and it shattered and blew around the restaurant!  A chunk of the plate hit me right on the cheek and of course my first thought was I am going to  bleed and make a mess!  Luckily that didn’t happen but it was scary!

View from Trail 


 Enjoying Crab and Clam Chowder on the wharf


The weekend brought my family to visit and we had a wonderful time.  Sunday was time to pack up and get back to Stockton and work on Monday.  Just think in a few short months we won’t have to pack up and go home!

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