Cotton Candy, Cows, Pigs & baby Goats!

Bonner County Fair in Sandpoint had just the right mix of farm smells, tractors and food.  We enjoyed huckleberry ice cream, italian sausage, kettle korn, brisket, haystacks and frozen yogurt just in case we hadn’t consumed enough calories!  It was all so yummy.

The fair is definitely not a tourist stop in this quaint lakeside community.  There were no slice’em, dice’em or expensive pots & pans that cook by themselves, just a few local businesses trying to get the word out that they support the community.  There was one lady and her troupe trying to convince teens and their parents to put down the cell phone before they get cancer and one candidate running for the local representative spot.

Conjoined balloons!

Conjoined balloons!

We spent a fair amount of time watching this one lady entertain most of the children at the fair!  She needed an assistant!

The evening’s highlight was the barrel racing in the big arena!  The girls were pretty good.  During the practice, warm up we did see one teenage boy on a horse but he didn’t compete!  I say smart young man, pick a sport where it is mostly girls with rich parents and him!  Great way to get a girlfriend!

And I almost forgot, on Tuesday we got or SeaDoo ride. The weather wasn’t the warmest.  In fact a huge cloud descended on the lake just as we were heading out!  Paul loved it cause he hates the sun.  I wanted it hot so I could fall off and go for a swim.  We did learn that next time we get 2, one for each of us because one of us likes to just go straight and fast and the other wants to stir up the lake!  He did release control for about 15 minutes but wanted to get off!  And at the end of the ride, I got to jump in and take a quick swim.  It was amazing.  The water is crystal clear and not too cold.


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