59! For real

It’s my Birthday!  When we are out on the road it is mostly lots of fun but I have to admit that on my birthday I am especially home sick!  Paul mostly handles it pretty well unless he misses all the clues!  This year was no different, I really love living our life but I have to admit today I wanted to be home with my girls!  They both called very early in the morning so that helped and then Paul planned us a very nice afternoon including dinner on the lake where he even picked the restaurant, called them and chose my meal, complete with dessert that they don’t even make there!

We head to Sandpoint, Idaho where Paul had made a reservation for us to take a SeaDoo ride.  I love the water and have great memories of houseboating on the Delta with my family and loving the SeaDoo so this was going to be really great!  We arrive there and they have no reservation!  Paul had only left a message, cell service is lousy here or they have lousy bookeeping but they said they called and left a message!  The bad news was they didn’t have anymore openings, the good news was it’s  a cute little town and they were having a craft festival right near the beach!

We enjoyed the craft fair and then I took a plunge into the lake with a little sunbathing afterwards!

Then it was finally time for dinner!  We have been dieting as everyone knows by now so dinner out is a really special treat!  The restaurant was right on the beach so we changed and headed over!  It’s my birthday so of course I’m having a cocktail! or two!!!  Then Paul orders our dinner!  That’s different.  I don’t think I have ever had someone order my food for me!  I didn’t even have to decide between the amazing sounding dishes because he did that for me!  He can be so romantic!

Dinner was wonderful and now for dessert!  I’ve been talking about what I have really been missing and my favorite dessert is a warm brownie topped with really cold vanilla ice cream and a bit of chocolate sauce!  Paul had requested this when he made the reservation and they don’t make it but they make a molten chocolate cake but they don’t have ice cream!  Between Paul and the hostess they had figured we can get the cake to go, walk to the ice cream shop and get a scoop of ice cream and there you go!  That’s what we did!,  The girl in the ice cream shop was impressed that there was that much effort put into dessert!  And it was PERFECTION!!!!

My birthday was almost perfect and I really enjoyed the meal!  The bad news is the scale was not friendly the next morning!  More about that next post!

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