On the road again

Bird Condominium

Bird Condominium

Driving along the highway near Junction City, Paul spots this, tells me it is a bird condo!  I have no idea what he is talking about so he makes a u-turn on the highway (in the car!) and takes me back telling me to get my camera!  Yep,  we stop for stuff like this.  There wasn’t a single nest in any of the other poles.  I think birds are like most people, they like to be close to others!

Saturday was a relax and get ready day.  We took a nice long walk along the Willamette River that runs right through Eugene, OR.  The hike took us right through the University of Oregon.


It was hot and we got a late start but we made it about 5 miles and called it a day.  Tomorrow we get to get back on the road and head to Sisters, Oregon.  We’ve been there before and can’t wait for a couple of days enjoying the mountains.

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