Yeah, the RV is working again

Our RV was fixed in one day once they received the parts.  Paul left the dealership on Friday, finally heading north and I joined him in Woodbridge at the Elks.  We will spend the holiday weekend here and finish up some work this week and then Paul heads to Oregon and I am heading back to San Francisco for family.  Hopefully I get to join him in Oregon sometime around the 15th.

The Elks is very nice, with lots of lawn area that Duke loves but on the 4th of July there will be a large fireworks display at the Lodi Lake which is very close.  Duke hates fireworks so we chose to head for the mountains where fireworks are not allowed.  The things we do for our children!!!

We went to Pioneer where our friends Pat and Kip live and they were going to be enjoying a BBQ after their golfing tournament.  What a good deal that was.  Lunch of Burgers, cooked to order complete with all the fixings including a wonderful dessert, and the best part is we didn’t have to shop, cook, clean up, just eat and enjoy the fresh air looking over the golf course!

Sunday morning we played 9 holes of golf.  I had a terrible score, but had some very nice drives, 1 great putt and a few fairway shots that were pretty good.  Thats the best part of golf, I can always find something great about the day even if it is just being out and getting some fresh air and a bit of exercise.

Well that was our 4th of July, hope everyone had a great holiday.

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