Talladega or BUST!

tall1It is about 550 miles from Branson to Talladega so we left Wed. afternoon spending the night on the road and we arrived at the speedway about 5 pm on Thursday to wait in line until about 8:30 before our group was allowed in.  Once we are inside the track there is no one to direct you so you are wandering among RV’s, tents, cars just looking for signs for your site.  This is pretty exciting, a bunch of beer drinking was going on in line and a bunch of people were already inside the track from Wednesday night – drinking lots of beer so asking for directions was not only hard but pretty entertaining!  Amazing how many people come every year and have “their spot”.  We found our spot, parked and began to get acquainted with the neighbors and the local customs – Budweiser Light is the prefered beer in this part of the country, in fact their are not many people wandering around without one in their hands!

A funny thing happened on the way to Talladega- Wednesday evening Paul pulled into the Walmart parking lot to get some groceries and parked next to another RV that was spending the night.  Chatting we found out they had lived in Los Gatos before moving back to Tennessee a couple of years back.  They had friends along that currently live in Los Gatos and the 4 of them were traveling to Branson and staying in the campground we just left.  Then we stopped on Thursday about 50 miles from Talladega and while we were pumping the 75 gallons into the tank another guy pulled into the pump next to us in an RV and asked where we were headed.  It turns out he was going to the same place we were and camping in the same section.  This place is huge and our section probably holds 2 to 3 hundred RV’s – He is parked 2 spots down!    This country is pretty small!!!

Talladega is a pretty big Party and I will tell more and share some pictures when we all sober up!

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