3 miles that felt like 200!

Tuesday morning we had to prepare to move the 3 miles to Betty’s RV Park where we stayed on our last visit to Vermilion Parish and where we will finish our stay this trip.  About 11:30 we are deciding to pull out and the Airstreams start arriving!  There will be a rally of 27 Airstreams here this week, hence why we are moving out and they are arriving early.  There are lots of people scurring around, doing what they think is helpful to the arrival so we chat with the rally captain and explain we will pull out, wait for them to clear the road which is very narrow and about a 3/4 mile long and then we will get out of the way.

Paul pulls the rig forward and Airstreams are still arriving!  So much for holding traffic up or giving us a heads up when it will be safe.  Eventually, the captain waves for Paul to pull up so they can get yet another Airstream around the bend and past us into the the campground.  Paul starts forward and realizes he pulled to far off the pavement and is in a bit of mud!  Whoops!  He backs up and the tires dig in, all 3 of them!  Great!  we have an audience, a bunch of excited people arriving and several that seem to be incharge but not really!

Paul gets out, checks it out and tells one of the guys he is going to need some blocks!  The guy had no idea!  Really,  a campground and no one can share their blocks!  I start calling GoodSam.  A tow truck will be dispatched.

Paul finishes raising the RV using the jacks and his crew help put some wood under the tires as well as our porch carpet.  Paul gets in the RV, everyone thinking this will never work and then the back wheels start actually moving back instead of in!  Very slowly Paul backs 40ft of RV back out of the mud and onto the pavement!

We were on the road and into our next spot about 1 hour after he pulled out of our site!  That was lucky but now I just want to sit!!!  The good news is Betty’s is a great place to sit and relax especially with the happy hour at 4:30!  Tonight is even a potluck, Mexican on St. Patricks Day?  Hmmm.  It was delicious complete with Green Margaritas.

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