Everywhere you look

We are in Crawfish country. Abbeville, LA is in the Vermilion Parish and we were here in 2010 .  We are back because we loved the area and loved the food! It’s all about the crawfish and good cajun food!   This morning while waiting for Paul to finish up some work I sat outside enjoying the sunshine and spotted an Owl in the trees.  He was huge but I never thought of trying to get a photo.  Then when he flew away I watched a woodpecker above also.  You will just have to believe me as there are no photos.  And,  the owls are very loud at night!

Saturday we took a drive around the countryside of Abbeville, very remote and you aren’t going to find any fast food chains!


Fields of crawfish traps

We were headed to a spot we had been to last time through here, Suire’s Grocery and Restaurant.  I can’t believe they have a website!  We couldn’t remember the name or where it was but I had a photo of the front of the place and we googled it and there it was!  Suire’s looks like an old gas station outside and inside is not much better but they have a few tables and a huge menu of cajun favorites!  I went for what I knew, the Shrimp Po Boy and it was every bit as good as I remember.  Paul couldn’t decide and asked the lady taking our order.  She recommended the Shrimp and Egg Stew which she said came with a piece of fish!  Pauls order comes, everything here is served to-go so it was in a large styrofoam box that weighed at least 3 lbs!  He opens the lid and on top of the foil cover is a large piece of deep fried fish.  I didn’t like the fish and figured it was catfish but being tourists we didn’t ask when we ordered.  Paul loved it.  Then he takes the foil off and he has a full meal.  Half of the tray was filled with a rice dish covered in a brown gravy full of shrimp and right in the middle is two hard boiled eggs!  It looked weird but the shrimp gravy was amazing!  It also came with a roll, potato salad and a small piece of chocolate cake.  We think we paid about $8  but we never saw it on the menu and I didn’t ask for a breakdown of the costs.  After Paul ate what he could he went up to the counter and asked a different girl what he just ate.  The look on her face was worth the whole bill.  She couldn’t believe he ate something that he had no idea what it was!  The fish was Catfish, which when she answered  she seemed like what other type of fish is there!  Later at home he googled shrimp and egg stew and actually found a recipe so I guess it is a real dish.

Another great experience in cajun country and today the sun actually came out and shined all day long!

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