Rain, Rain go away!!!

Wow,  it just keeps falling out of the sky.  We are near New Orleans this week and the sun has never come out!  It peeked Wednesday afternoon but it is just gray.  New Orleans is very damp and with the rain there are full drainage ditches and puddles everywhere as the ground can not absorb anymore.

On to more interesting things.  My favorite thing about Louisana is the food. Creole, Cajun or Southern fried it just doesn’t matter, they do it all perfectly.  Wednesday evening we drove all the way (40 minutes one way) into New Orleans just so we could go to Mother’s Restaurant for a roast beef Po Boy complete with Debris and au jus.

Debris \ˈdā-ˈbrē\ n. The roast beef that falls into the au jus gravy in the pan while roasting in the oven. A Mother’s original.

There is actually a Po Boy that is only Debris!  It is so yummy and so full of flavor.  We also enjoyed the seafood gumbo which Paul just loves.  I was hoping to splurge and get the Bread Pudding with Brandy Sauce but I was good!

We had been to Mother’s a few years back so we knew it would be good, not fancy but oh so good!  We were hoping to be able to walk along the Mississippi River to wear off some of that debris but the rain just would not go away so we traveled into New Orleans, found a parking space, ate our Po Boy and came right back to our home.  A long drive but well worth it.

Today I had to try another New Orleans favorite that I have not had before, Beignets and Chicory coffee from Cafe Du Monde.  The beignets are fried after you order them and served hot smothered in powdered sugar.  The coffee can come black or 1/2 and 1/2 with milk.  I chose black, thinking there are enought calories in the 3 serving size beignets that I didn’t need the milk!  These both are very tasty but I am not really a donut person so I probably won’t go out of my way to get those again.  And,  I love my latte from Starbucks better than most coffees so next time I will probably skip the donut and just get my latte!

Two tourist must dos while in New Orleans checked off our list and tomorrow we head further west to Abbeville to eat even more amazing cajun and creole foods!

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