1st Birthday

Our RV is no longer a brand new baby!  It is very nice but like all new things that newness wears off.  There is dust in the crevises,  a couple tiny nicks in the paint, and most of the showroom has finally disappeared and it looks like “our” home!

Duke enjoying the "new" couch!

Duke enjoying the “new” couch!

We don’t even cover up the white couch anymore!  It took us awhile but we are quite settled in and loving the extra room.

We also left Florida today and are starting our trek back to California!  Florida was interesting, the weather was weird, we enjoyed it but I am ready to get to the west coast where you can count on the weather to always be great!

A few more days in the gulf, staying in Summerdale, Alabama and it was just gorgous and then today the wind started and now we have freeze warnings.  We did get out and checked out Gulf Shores.   A very busy beachfront town with lots of rental houses, white sand, condo’s and the mega, super stores where you can get any beach item you forgot!  I’m afraid I won’t be walking on the beach this week, although it is very beautiful and inviting, it’s just too windy and cold!

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