Memories of Friday Night Movies

Tampa has a Drive In Movie theater and Paul had it on his bucket list.  We saw Kingsmen.  An interesting movie.



We arrived about 30 minutes before showtime and had our pick of spots as no one was there.  The first thing I noticed is they no longer have the bumps to angle your front window for the best viewing.  They also don’t have heaters.  I brought blankets as it has been cold here.  Finally about 5 minutes before the movie started a few more cars showed up.  Everyone wanted to be in the center so we had neighbors.  We took Duke with us and he was very unsure of why we were sitting in the dark, listening to the radio. Everytime there was a dramatic sound Duke was up and searching out the windows.  The snack bar was scary but that is ok, we popped our own popcorn and brought drinks.

Based on this experience I am thinking there won’t be a comeback of Drive In Movie Theaters.  The price is definitely a plus but going to a nice comfortable theater with Dolby sound and clean restrooms is worth the extra $3 to me!  Or, just stay home, invite a friend over and have your own private movie screening!  Then you can have popcorn your way!

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