Sometimes you need to follow your own advise!

St. Augustine is know for being the nations oldest city and for its Fountain of Youth which is Florida’s oldest attraction.  Ponce de Leon discovered a spring at this location supposedly!  We went, we drank from the fountain which appears to come at a pretty steady stream out of nowhere and tastes like sulphur.  I’m thinking there is nothing special about the water as upon further reading the spring is fed from the Floridan Aquifer which lies below most of North Florida.

Peacocks run free

Peacocks run free – these were pretty to look at!

I knew it sounded weird but we are interested in weird however this attraction was not worth the $14 it costs a senior to explore.  We spent about an hour.  The best part of the park is you can bring your dog with you anywhere in the park without restrictions!  Duke enjoyed the planatarium and learned how the early sailors followed the stars and he had his own comfy seat in the movie about the discovery globe.  The grounds are pretty and they have a nice wooded walkway into the marsh but the hotel next door has the same view and the same walk so I think you could probably enjoy that part for free.  Definitely not on my list of great value of time or money.

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