Are you kidding me?

Living in an RV does have its challlenges and RVs are not made for extreme temperatures at all!  Unless you are in the Southern part of the country you are dealing with cold.  We are enjoying our share of below normal temps, bundling up to take the dog for a walk, enjoying the sites from indoors, etc.   But this morning I woke up before 6 am to a very cold home!  We have two electric heaters but chose to use the furnace so that the whole home, including the pipes underneath would not freeze.  But the furnace quit sometime during the night.  Paul got up to check things and wouldn’t tell me what the temp was!  We were cozy in bed with a nice down comforter but getting up was brutal.  We had plenty of propane but we had it checked anyway.  We packed the RV up, drove up the hill to the propane tank and had it checked.  Whala, the heat works!  They topped off our propane and determined the regulator had frozen up!  Are you kiddin?! We need to get south and stay there!!!

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