On the road again!

I am thankful for having children that traveled well!  My flights were enhanced by lots of families and babies that are not good travelers!  I saw so many children with their own personal ipad (or other electronic gadget) and many families where everyone had their own and everyone was playing on them and not even looking up at their surroundings!  All day and I finally found one family with 3 girls that sat behind me on my flight from San Diego to Kansas City who actually were playing with a puzzle!  They were chatting, working together and even engaging people around them – what a novel idea!!!

Enough with my pet peeve!  The trip was good, on time and Paul and Duke were in Kansas City with lots of kisses!

We are back on the road, the RV is pretty again (messy, but it is home!) and we are heading south and east to enjoy the Fall colors!

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