The size of a dinnerplate!!!

The size of a dinnerplate!!!

Frankenmuth, Michigan, where the flowers say welcome!!!



Of course there are the gift shops, tours and fudge shops but the highlight of this cute little town just north of Flint is the landscape for me.  There are hostas, Calla Lillies, and lots of other beautiful flowering plants growing everywhere along this main street.

I like the flowers, Paul likes the boats!


In the background is a really nice wooden, covered bridge that is another free attraction is this little bit of Bavaria.

A chance to take a ride on a real military helicopter

A chance to take a ride on a real military helicopter

Missed opportunities!  We were just cruising along and found this event to celebrate veterans with a moving Vietnam Memorial Wall and they had this helicopter that for $100 you could get a ride in the jumpseats!  I was ready but we were too late in the day and they were sold out!  We could have returned Monday but didn’t because the weather was not a good.

Labor Day is the kickoff of apple season so we ventured out to a couple of cider mills and found something unique to Michigan (I think!)  Every mill serves cider of course but they also have cider slurpies and donuts.  You can smell the donuts more than the cider when you pull into the parking lots and the slurpies are amazing!  Frozen apple cider from whatever apples they are picking!  We had one from two different mills and the flavor was definitely different depending on the apples.

We have done a lot of driving around the countryside here in Southeastern Michigan and really enjoying all of it.  We have had some amazing fresh corn and tomatoes – this is summertime to me.

Heading west!

2 Responses to “Willkommen!”

  1. Dan Crooks says:

    Looks beautiful. Please be careful and watch the weather…

  2. Denise says:

    Dan, you can’t help but to watch the weather! Warnings across your TV screen every few minutes every time it rains! And occasionally your phone will start warning you!