It finally happened!

Don’t tell my kids!  I have noticed in the past couple of years that the memory isn’t the same.  I am not sure it is memory loss or things just become less important and so you forget!  Sunday we found a Costco and decided to do a bit of shopping.  Paul sees they have fuel as we pull into the lot so he fills up, I’m checking email and facebook on my Smartphone!  He returns and parks in the lot, we exit the car, enter Costco, shop, have a hotdog and then exit the store!  Oh no!  Paul ” Where did you park the car?”    I realize there are two of us but he parked!  I just shut my phone off and exited the car, thinking about what I needed in Costco!!!  I had no idea which direction to even look!  Paul thought he knew – right!  We head to the right and wander in the heat for a couple of minutes.  I have the cart, look silly walking towards the building with a full cart of merchandise so I finally just stop!  I figure when he finds the car he will get in and find me!  The good news is after about 5 minutes he either finds the car or remembers where he parked it because I get a whistle!  Denise , This way!   Chaparones may be in our future!!!!

Southeastern Michigan, hot, humid, a beautiful lake, lots of shade and the corn is amazing!  We are spending about 10 days here in Michigan at a hidden gem called Hide Away Campground.  It is not fancy and there are a lot of Mobile Homes that need dressed up but it is very quiet, clean and right on a small Lake!

Public Art always interests me!

Public Art always interests me!

We found a cute little town park in Fenton, MI and stopped for an ice cream.  While we were sitting in the park I was watching the kids fishing and realized the older ones were in the water catching crawfish and giving to the younger ones who would remove the pinchers with their utility tool and then put them on their hook, cast it and hope to catch a fish!


We could see the fish swimming in the stream which was not very deep and the fish didn’t look much larger than the crawfish!

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