Thanks for a wonderful day,

Holidays are the most difficult for me even though I love living my life and enjoy all the wonderful things we get to do.  We are forging new places as we create new traditions, ones of change!  Friday was my birthday and I have had several while being away from home.  This one was beautiful!  Paul and I along with his sisters, nephews and some friends enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day on the Moose River canoeing!  It took us over 4 hours to meander the river with several stops to snack and swim including cupcakes and of course the song!!!!

Then in the evening I enjoyed a night out, with a movie/play and then cocktails on the roof!  The movie was Grease complete with live actors and funny ideas about the “old” movie!    Lots of laughter!  Then we went to a new bar in town that is a rooftop lounge, open air with great views of the main street and real live grass growing!

The girls called, I got lots of emails and texts and if I can’t be home then this was pretty close and  memorable!  Thanks honey for making my day!

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