And the moral of the story is….

One last NASCAR post!  We took the tour where you get to see all the suites, VIP boxes, a drive through the garages, in the media center.  It was all very nice however I think we had better seats than the VIP’s although I am sure the booze was flowing much better up there!  The tour was nice but the ride on the track was really fun!  Paul was in the front seat and thought the van was going to tip over!

Coming into turn 1

Coming into turn 1

24 degree bank thru turn 1 into turn 2

24 degree bank thru turn 1 into turn 2

And the winner is?

And the winner is?


I have made some observations over the past two weekends.

#1.  NASCAR is truly a sport but not like the others;  you have 40+ drivers, so basically 40+ teams playing at the same time with fans for each one sharing beers in the stands.  I never saw a fight, or argument.  I did get a photo of one fan flipping off a driver that I guess he knew was better than his guy and was going to beat him today!

#2.  NASCAR has lots of rules for the fans but they are loosely inforced.  We learned this at Talledega but it was reinforced here.

a. Quiet hours are 12 am – 6 am – or somewhere there abouts if you are celebrating a big win!

b.  Smoking is in designated areas or if you really have to, go ahead and light one up while sitting in your seat.  No one will report it.      although one cranky guy might pop you on the shoulder with his cap and tell you to put that thing out!  (yep, Paul did just that!)

c.  There is no dress code, but please wear your team colors!

#3.  Everybody here knows lots about the history of their sport!

#4  Red neck comes in all socio economic platforms and once they get to the track you have no idea who is which!

#5  NASCAR is all about friends, family, beer and a good time!  All at the same time!

#6  BOOing is encouraged!!!!

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  1. Diana says:

    Denise, I think you dun made a countree song with your sex I mean “six” observations!! You just need to put some music to it and you’ll have yerself a countree hit! YeeeeeeHa!

  2. Denise says: