Who will be my favorite?

Being married 30 years has taken a lot of compromise and I find myself at one of those moments, Charlotte North Carolina for 12 days of NASCAR, or as those that are not fans say, the GO FAST, TURN LEFT, GO FAST sport!  Paul really likes this sport and tries to watch it on TV when we can get it.  He has worn the hat of each years Championship driver since we have been on the road.  We went to our first NASCAR race at Talladega Superspeedway for our 25th anniversary so being a very good sport I agreed to come to two races at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  We will be seeing a truck race, lots of qualifying races, an allstar race, a Nationwide race and the Coco Cola 600!    We will also get to see lots more NASCAR stuff this week because this is NASCAR country!

Let the racing begin!

I could do this!

I could do this!

Charlotte Motor Speedway

Charlotte Motor Speedway

We can almost see the entrance from our campsite!  I’m figuring we will be able to smell the smoke once the racing begins – oh boy!

NASCAR Hall of Fame

NASCAR Hall of Fame

Our first event was to visit the Hall of Fame for NASCAR where they have everything race car!  This is an actual strip of race track that has the banking so you can step onto it and see how steep it is.  I had a hard time standing on it.

NascarHallofFame (8)


Trevor Bayne's Garage

Trevor Bayne’s Garage

Too clean!

Too clean!

We thought we were going to see A.J. Allmendinger, the No. 47 but he shares the garage and they did not have his area open.

Dale Earnhardt SR.

Dale Earnhardt Sr.

In the town of Kannapolis where Dale Earnhardt grew up they have a giant statue as he is the King of NASCAR.

Statues impress me! Love a nice butt!  You could see the stitching and the Wrangler Patch!

Statues impress me!
Love a nice butt! You could see the stitching and the Wrangler Patch!

So far we haven’t seen any racing but it is getting very festive with lots of banners,  big trucks with drivers names painted on the sides and tomorrow promises lots of race track excitement!


A quiet evening before the excitement!

Now I’ve got to pick a driver, get a banner and start cheering!  Don’t tell Paul but I am actually looking forward to the experience!!!

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