Cowboys, Art, God, Geocaching and more Cowboys!

Today was a very busy tourist day through Texas Hill Country.  We started our day heading toward Fredericksburg on the Texas Hill Country Trail with a couple stops along the way.  Early into our trip I suggested that we Geocache today so I get out the app and find us one near Pipe Creek right next to the Post Office.  It was pretty easy to find although Paul had to stomp through the bushes as I am just not that interested in sharing the brush with who knows what!

Churches Chicken I like their advertising venue

Churches Chicken
I like their advertising venue

Next stop was a ways away and Paul finds this neat little spot that has apples.  This place served anything apple, sold apple trees,  had a full gift shop and the dog was welcome!  While we were enjoying out apple strudel we noticed the sign at the road. Who knew people ate catfish?

Paul "Do people really eat catfish?"

Paul “Do people really eat catfish?”

We will never know if it was any good,  the strudel was excellent.  I got apple butter for my toast tomorrow.

We passed through a couple really cute towns which we may visit another day,  Kerrville was the next large town that we were looking for.  Seemed large compared to what I was expecting but it had it’s charm.  Driving through Kerrville I found the best spot for lunch,  Bill’s BBQ!  But before we stopped for lunch we have to find what I have been wanting to see all morning!

Stonehenge II and Easter Island Heads 



Al Shepperd bankrolls his neighbor David Hill to build a replica of Stonehenge in his yard in Texas!  This replica is 2/3 the size of Stonehenge and has been relocated from Al Shepperd’s property to the Hills Country Arts Center after he died in 1994 and his property was sold to someone who was going to tear down Stonehenge II!  He also had two 13 ft Easter Island Heads as part of his display.




Pretty cool for those of us who probably won’t see the real thing.  We also found another Geocache here which it was inside an electric box of a street light!  The wiring was very iffy so we just noted we saw it and left it alone!

The Arts Center was having a weaving demonstration and we wandered over.  Amazing to watch women spinning and weaving.  It looks very time consuming but I bet you could watch all those mindless tv shows and create something amazing instead of eating!



The grounds had a few interesting sculptures outside.  A fun, interesting stop for our day.  Now back to lunch!

Bill’s BBQ in Kerrville,  very good BBQ.  This is our second BBQ and we have only been in Texas a couple of days.  Our first was with Paul’s uncle Ben here in San Antonio at a spot called Choke Canyon BBQ.  Both had awesome BBQ, although I think the atmosphere at Bill’s was definitely the most interesting!  We order inside a tiny little room where you start at one side of the u-shaped counter and order, then you get your bbq and head to the sides which you serve yourself whatever you like,  potato salad, coleslaw, bbq beans, green beans, and of course the bbq sauce!  Then you proceed to the other side of the U and that is where you get a drink and pay.  My favorite part of this joint was when Paul is asked if he would like bread with his ribs?  Of course!  White or Wheat?

White please!

White please!

They bring you the whole loaf and you just get yourself a slice of cheap, white, doughy bread and slather some of the whipped spread they bring you and that is how you eat BBQ in Texas!

Shiner Bock

Shiner Bock

A very good local beer to chase down the white bread and the excellent BBQ.  As we were leaving the patio area we checked out the pits that they cook your lunch in.

Hmm,  I wonder when that was cleaned?

Hmm, I wonder when that was cleaned?

A little Texas culture, a great lunch now for some spirituality!

Empty Cross

Empty Cross

Everything is bigger in Texas!  The Empty Cross is right off I10 in Kerrville and the view from the hill it sits on is pretty amazing itself.  The foundation is raising funds and is in the process of building this spiritual area on private land.  When it is complete (it is under construction now, complete with large equipment working while we tried to enjoy the peace) there will be a sculpture garden around the cross.  The whole thing is free to the public and you are encouraged to participate in the garden!.




The paths are lined with stones that you use provided permanent markers to write a message and then place the stone along the path.



I’m wondering how long my message will survive in the elements?

A really nice idea in the midst of all the craziness of life, now it is back to some Cowboy stuff!

We spent a little while checking out the shops of Fredericksburg but the big attraction in this area for me was Luckenbach, Texas and a little country music!  We saw a couple of boys playing some decent music but Waylon and Willie were missing!

Lets go to Luckenbach Texas with Waylon, Willie and the Boys.

Lets go to Luckenbach Texas with Waylon, Willie and the Boys.

What a fun little spot in the road.  It is no longer a town but a great stop with lots of country stuff. Cowboy hats, beer, music,  bbq, picnic and the dance hall which has music and dance in the evenings.  We enjoyed the music and again some people watching!

You don't see this very often anymore, or maybe you do in Texas?

You don’t see this very often anymore, or maybe you do in Texas?
I love the little girls have pink cap guns, and the little boy with the big gun in the holster.

Kids running and playing with cap guns while mom and dad are enjoying a beer with friends in a friendly atmosphere of Country living!

Wow,  I’m exhausted but what a great day,  cowboys, arts, god and more cowboys!  Loving Texas.





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