Perfect area, lousy weather

When you live in your RV and travel like we do you are bound to have one of those experiences where the area is prefect but the weather just isn’t cooperating.  We are in Kelowna, BC in a very cute little campground right on the banks of Lake Okanagan in the Okanagan Valley.  This area is beautiful and full of wineries.  They are growing bright purple grapes everywhere but it was just too wet to really get out and explore. Besides, the price of alcohol is prohibitive in Canada so why even taste!  We walked a little in downtown enjoying some of their public art and we found a Geocache – our first in Canada.

Brower Hatcher

Brower Hatcher

This was my favorite art piece.  Inside there are shapes that represent things in the lake; there are fish, lilly pads, and it lights up at night.  We found our geocache right near the bear.  We usually forget about this activity but we met a couple that were doing a community geocache and after talking with them for a bit then decided to find one here.

The weather is not only wet it is pretty cold and windy so we stayed in most of the weekend.  On Sunday we went to a movie.  This is our second movie in two weeks and that is a record for us.  Neither movie was really worthy of going to the theater but it was better than sitting home watching reruns!  Movies here just like everything else are a bit pricey.  $39.  for two tickets, a large popcorn and 1 soda!  We watched Meet the Millers on Sunday and while we laughed a lot this movie was a bit slow.  The other movie we watched last week was The Family – Paul’s choice.  It had lots of shooting and you were suppose to love the family but they were just too weird!  Both movies I think the story was there but I never fell in love with the characters.  Paul says Jennifer Aniston is pretty hot for 40!

We will be back in the states tonight and I am ready to get back to normal, whatever that is!!!

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