That was close! and we are not out of the woods yet!

Back in Canada.  We moved to Abbottsford, BC from Point Roberts, WA on Monday morning and once we found an RV park we took off in the car to Blaine, WA to pick up my prescription and then back into Canada.  We have crossed the boarder too many times this past week but now we are here to stay for the rest of the month.

Tuesday we woke to more rain!  The weather is very confusing as it was beautiful yesterday.  About noon we are heading east and out of nowhere the motorhome decides it isn’t going to shift into overdrive.  Paul notices a warning light on the dash and we decide to exit the freeway.  Luckily there is a large Walmart right there for us to pull into.  As Paul is making the turn off the freeway he realizes the motorhome is in 3rd gear and it is making it very hard to accelerate.  Great!  We are in a foreign country and NOW we have to breakdown!

We limp our way into the Walmart parking lot and find a nice level spot because we do not know how long we will be here.  Paul gets out the manual to figure out what the warning light is.  It says the warning light is warning you of danger, go to a repair facility immediately.  Thank goodness Paul’s cell phone is working.  He calls the manufacture of the motor and they direct him to an Allison Transmission shop within 25 miles.  They can’t take us today and have nowhere for us to overnight so after some talk it is decided we will stay at the Walmart and hopefully we can get this RV moving to the shop tomorrow am.

The technician did give Paul some advise.  The transmission is designed to go into limp mode to enable you to move off the highway and that is what the transmission did.  After the phone call and Paul checking the fuses and the transmission fluid level he decides that we should move to the outskirts of the parking lot since we will be staying.  He starts the RV and the warning light is off!  It goes into first gear and moves fine!  Great! Now what do we do!

Wednesday am we get up at 6:30 to arrive at the shop by 7:30.  The RV is working perfectly!  The shop does a diagnostics on it and sees that we had several errors but no errors now!  It is due for a service on the transmission so they do that, test drive it for 30 minutes at 8 miles per gallon of $5.50 fuel and a tech at who knows how much per hour and nothing!  It is working perfectly, no signs of any damage.

We still don’t know what was wrong other than it might have lost power somewhere and because it powered back up mid start it produced errors.  How did it lose power?  Maybe the rain?  who knows but we are going to be traveling into very remote mountains for the next several days so I insisted that we purchase some towing insurance.  We have not had any up until now but this could have been costly just for the repairs, we don’t need a big tow bill on top of things!

We bought the Good Sam towing service for 3 years but it will not be valid until midnight on Thursday!  Great, for the next 36 hours I can’t breathe.  The bummer is we traveled through this amazing canyon today from Hope, BC to 100 Mile House, BC.  The canyon is called Fraser Canyon and runs along a huge river.

Fraser Canyon

Fraser Canyon

Of course photos are impossible, you just have to see it for yourself.  This is some of the most spectacular highway I have seen!  Every time the motorhome has to shift I stop breathing!

We made it to 100 Mile House, BC and I can breathe again.  Tomorrow we head east to Jasper National Park.  Hopefully the RV holds out and this was only a blimp!

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  1. Pat Bennett says:

    OMG! There’s nothing worse than a red light on the dash….I’ve had a few myself….You’re taking the same trio I took about three years ago…..