We are in Washington now!

We are moving at a pretty fast pace so that we can get to Edmonton, Alberta Canada and back before the winter starts!  We spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Saltwater SP on Puget Sound.  A very tiny park with not the most private sites but our neighbors are a very cute family of 4, mom, dad, a 4 yr old and an almost 2 year old who live in the van, cargo trailer and a pop up tent!  Full time as far as we can tell.  The sell leather items to the cruise ship tourists.  Watching them prepare meals on the picnic table and then it rained this morning makes me feel way too spoiled!  The look happy so I don’t feel too bad watching them from my  RV that is toasty warm and dry.

Last night we were invited to some old friends, back from preschool days for Amy, to a Salmon dinner at their place in Covington, WA.  Geri & Brian had caught the salmon out on the coast a few weeks ago.  It was wonderful.  We had a great evening catching up and their son Trevor stopped by for dinner.  That was a treat.  Thanks Geri for having us, you will definitely see us again!

And just for you Geri, I will write about some of the weird, creepy things we see along the way, just as soon as one happens!

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