The adventure begins


On June 15th we realized our dream of the past 4-5 years and bought the home we hope to live in for the next 5 years starting in June of 2009! We bought a Winnebago and it is fabulous. I am overwhelmed by how luxurious it is. I know it is only 36 feet long but it has everything we think we will need. There is a special spot for Paul to sit and work on his computer without even getting in my way. This is really important as he does that a lot and he is going to need to be doing it when we finally hit the road. Our plans right now are to continue doing what we have been doing and get Amy out of college. She says she is going to graduate in June of 2009 so as long as that takes place we will sell our house in San Jose sometime during that time and get started seeing more of America.

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