I need a real shower!!!

Just kidding!  We moved out of the desert and into a very comfortable park in Lake Havasu, home of the London Bridge!  Our site is beautiful and costly!  We will still be “Green” as we only get sewer service twice a week but we have an amazing view of the lake and our own little beach.


Sunset from our patio!

This is a new area for us so in the car and out and about we go!  First stop was to see the London Bridge which we crossed coming onto the island where our resort is located.

LondonBridgeI’m looking at this beautiful bridge which was nothing like what we expected and Paul hears loud engines!  They are having an RC boat competition this weekend and we were just in time to watch some practice!  Yeah!!  We will be returning tomorrow with a picnic and spend the afternoon watching grown men race 3 ft. boats around the pylons – Paul can’t wait.

As recommended by friends we took the short trip to Oatman, AZ, an old mining town where a herd of Burro’s roam the streets amusing the tourists.  Oatman is along part of Route 66.  Once leaving I40 it is 20 miles on a very slight roadway with lots of turns, curves, bumps and roller coaster waves.

Don't feed the baby,  he will choke!

Don’t feed the baby, he will choke!

Apparently Duke was smart to be afraid!

Apparently Duke was smart to be afraid!

The burro’s were very brave and we did not get the memo that says “the burro’s don’t like dogs and think they are furry soccer balls!  We are walking away from a couple of them and I turn to see one of them backing up to Duke and trying to kick!  Poor Duke didn’t know what to do – he is on a leash and can’t get away because Paul is trying to pull him away from the burro!  Finally, Paul picks him up and the burro goes on to torment another tourist.  We didn’t stay long as the town has only a few gift shops with the usual fare and these burro’s that want to eat my dog!

Back down the very windy Route 66 where we located another Geocache!  We are up to 4 now.  Just outside of town locals or maybe tourists have take to decorating some of the large bushes with Christmas decorations!  There were several but my favorite is:

Lets have a Party!

Lets have a Party!

The weather has turned cold so I won’t be sitting out enjoying my wonderful view for a few days!  What happened to summer in Arizona??




One Response to “I need a real shower!!!”

  1. Pat Bennett says:

    So, Duke and the burros didn’t play well at all, eh? Hope he doesn’t get too scared when the fireworks begin….Cold and sunny in Yuma-I start cat sitting Sat for a week….