New Years is upon us

I got everything I wanted for Christmas and more!   We had a wonderful Christmas with just the 5 of us adults and 3 dogs!!!  I gained only a couple of pounds so I think that is a success.  The new house was a blessing.  You don’t realize how important the extra space is until you get to enjoy it.  I love my little home on wheels but for a big holiday gathering it is so nice to have the space to get out of each others way and come back together often during the day.

Now that the gifts are opened, the meal is only leftovers, the tree is laying in wait in the yard we can look forward to a New Year.  Look out here comes 2013 ready or not!!!

One Response to “New Years is upon us”

  1. Pat Bennett says:

    Happy New Year! How will you be celebrating? You mentioned you were going to AZ-I’ll be leaving for Quartsite on the 13th. Let me know where you are=maybe we can hook up…..