Summing up our week

I already miss our little vacation and we haven’t even left the campground.  This week was a sort of test for Paul and I to see how we would manage in the RV without much to do.  I found out that even when you have less responsibilities the days are still too short and there are even more distractions.   Paul and I spent time working on the computers and a lot of time just relaxing and enjoying our days.  This week brought many challenges to be overcome;  Ammenities were in short supply, dead batteries, and there was no water to brush my teeth,  I missed many of my favorite TV shows, I didn’t get my grande nonfat latte everyday.  Any of these are probably reason enough to make me change my mind about wanting to live fulltime in the RV but I won’t.  The views from our RV, the choices of things to do, lack of a schedule, freedom and the pure pleasure of being able to just pick up in the middle of the morning and take the dog for a walk along the beach with your spouse are all the reason I need to continue with our plans.

Living in the RV will be just like living at home.  Paul still leaves the knife on the counter after making a sandwich.  The dishes still pile up in the sink and there is always laundry to do.  The days are just too short. We did have time for lots of walks and I got to golf twice.  So I will go back to real life and wait for the next time we can pick up and find another place to spend a few days and learn how to slow down and enjoy life.

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