Delivering the RV and more – Sunday, March 22

We realized while driving into CA yesterday that we were a little ahead of schedule – Stephanie was skiing and would not be back in Fresno until 8-9 pm on Sunday- so we pushed ourselves, driving most of the night and went all the way to Stockton to deliver the RV by 12 noon on Sunday.   It just so happened that Stephanie was coming right through Stockton at noon and her friends dropped her off for us!  So we delivered the RV, collected Steph and headed to San Jose to pick up Allie (the dog!) and surprise the Deckerts.  

After Annie was picked up off the FLOOR!

After Annie was picked up off the FLOOR!


Annie wanted to share with everyone her Sunday afternoon!!! 

Dear Denise-and-Paul Fans,
Just when I thought it was safe to lie on the couch and take a nap on a Sunday afternoon, who should come walking in my front door, but my long-lost hobo friends, Denise and Paul! Surprise! Tired of diner food, I guess. Missed my cooking. AND: they had to stop by to see if we have found “replacement friends” yet— since they ditched us and took off on this crazy RV Adventure!
They don't look like twins

They don't look like twins


Duke got reacquainted with his twin sister Gretchen. They seemed to  be a little perplexed by each other at first, but soon were pretty  happy to see each other.  After awhile they were mainly just a brown  fluffy BLUR running through the  house. 


Paul made himself right at home as usual.


A very happy boy!

A very happy boy!


Tired little guy……. “Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man….. oh  wait– I gotta take a nap before I ramble any more. All this travel  is wearing me out.” 

Stop by the Deckert Hotel, everyone. We’re in beautiful San Jose,  nestled at the foot of the Santa Cruz mountains. And watch out!  Just when you least expect it, you-know-who and you-know-who may show up at your door!  Surprise! 


Although it was a short trip to “home” it was so much fun to just sit and relax and watch all the noise and buzz around the Deckert House.  It reminded me of last summer when we lived with the Deckerts except Amy was not there – she was home in Santa Barbara working!  Annie you are an amazing cook – oh yea, and an amazing friend too!!!! 


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