Look to the Skies

We returned to Oshkosh on Friday evening and arrived just in time to see the sky lit up with black smoke, helicopters in the sky as well as several military planes and jets!  Paul was at the airfield watching a reenactment of Tora, Tora, Tora,!  It was very loud.  When Paul gets home he informs me that they will be performing the same show on Saturday so I didn’t miss anything!  Great!  I am not a fan of bombs but his excitement in infectious so I spent Saturday afternoon watching lots of planes bombing the runway right in front of me!

Saturday evening was the best of the show for me.  They had an evening airshow complete with fireworks shooting off the wings of planes.  It was just to beautiful to watch so no time for photos!  There were planes flying in formation with extra lights that looked like an UFO and planes with Roman Candles shooting out of the smoke stream and then they shot fireworks off the wings!  Spectacular and something I had never seen before.

If that was not enough, they had a full fireworks show following the aerobatic show.  The show ended with a wall of fire that ran down the runway!  Very cool!

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