More Great Lakes

We left Mackinaw Monday and headed north into the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan to enjoy a bit of tranquility for a few days before heading to Oshkosh for the “Big Airshow”!  Tuesday we moved deeper into the U.P. and found a great little park right on the shores of Lake Superior! We wish we could stay here awhile!

The UP is beautiful with lots of greenery and great views of the lakes.  We spent our first night in a park right on Lake Michigan with 3 other RV’s for $27.50 a night!  Tonight we are staying for $20 a night!!! Big change from the over $35 a night we have been experiencing where we are sandwiched between a giant RV and a Tent!  The lake was spectacular and just as inviting as Lake Huron.  We enjoyed watching a couple of very large white swans enjoy the great hunting off our beach.  Kip and I also got a quick glimpse of an eagle.

The UP is very relaxed and different from the other Michigan!  The locals refer to themselves as YOOPERS!  (U.P. ers) and Pasty (pass tee)  is the local favorite cuisine.  We were calling them Pasties until a local said those are different!!!!  Haven’t tried one yet but will try.

Ontonagan Michigan is a very tiny town right on the shores of Lake Superior and we will call it home for just a couple of days.  The weather is outstanding, bugs are few and the views are perfect!

Life is good!

Sunset 9:45 pm!

My favorite! This is 9:50 pm

Official Sunset time 9:53 p.m., July 10, 2012

5 Great Lakes, swam in 3, rode a boat in one and touched my toes in 1!  We are checking things off our bucket list pretty quickly this year  but that is ok because the list keeps growing by the day!  For every one I get checked I have added 3 more!




2 Responses to “More Great Lakes”

  1. Pat Bennett says:

    Oh, I wish I were there! Growing up in MI was a treat, and I sure miss it….It looks like you’re having a grand time-I envy you! Are the fall colors coming out yet in the UP?

  2. Denise says:

    Not yet! I don’t think it will be long!