Sometimes you are just in the wrong place

Our little caravan is traveling on I95 through New Hampshire heading to Maine and I am relaxing in the passenger seat.  Suddenly Paul yells “whoa”  and I look up to see a deer in the lane next to ours heading our way.  We are speeding along, all 50+ feet of us at 55 miles per hour and a deer decides he can cross 6 lanes of speeding cars.  The problem for him is when he comes across the side of our RV and he realizes that there is no where to go and he decides he will jump!  That didn’t work out very well for him or the side of our home.  The damage is not too severe however it will probably cost a bundle as we will have to replace 4 of our bay doors and a large piece of trim.  The deer was less fortunate.

2 Responses to “Sometimes you are just in the wrong place”

  1. Dan says:

    Need pictures…

  2. Denise says:

    Pictures just don’t do it justice! We took photos for insurance but it is really hard to see the damage. You will just have to believe me – the drivers side from the middle of the bay to the back of the rig has dents!