The farthest corner of the USA has crystal clear skies, beautiful bays,  amazing mountains and LOBSTER!  We arrived here Saturday afternoon and were quickly whisked away to Kip’s daughters home for a Lobster dinner!  That is the second time I have had lobster this week!

This is great food

Kip’s daughter, Laura and her husband Eric have an amazing home which he designed himself.  He is an award winning Architect in Maine and she works at Jackson Lab where she is a research scientist (Dr.!) working to find answers to many diseases that plague our society!  Pretty impressive credentials these two have but I think their most important achievement so far are their two boys, ages 6 & 8 who showed us a whole new way to eat lobster – with Hot Dogs!!!

Sunday was a morning tour on a lobster boat where Captain John educated us on all things Lobster!

The first catch!

He gave us a tour of the Frenchman Bay where we saw the baby harbor seals that have been born within the past month.  In Frenchman Bay there are some amazing homes and a terrific lighthouse that was near the harbor seals.  He also caught some lobster that he showed us all about these creatures – did you know that when you are eating lobster tail you really are eating the abdomen?  You are, the fins at the end are the tail and there is no meat there!

Egg Rock Lighthouse

That's an amazing view!

For the rich and famous! Lobster trap buoy's in the water

This little island is also home to the Acadia National Park where we took a hike along the coastline and enjoyed the views of Bar Harbor.    There are no big cities here and nature is what it is all about!  On Monday Paul and I took to the trail again to do some more exploring of this small, beautiful island so far east.  We found lots of wonderful bays, quaint little towns, tiny beaches and rocky shoreline and of course the LOBSTER!  This state does 90% of the worlds lobster!

Rocky coastline


On our way out of Maine today we stopped at the lobster pound and bought two more lobsters for dinner!  I had to pay $9 a lb today but still this is a bargain compared to what I would have to pay in a restaurant.  And…. when you buy your own you get the whole thing and the tail is not the best part as far as I am concerned!  I love the claws.  These lobsters are so good you do not have to dunk them in butter!

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  1. Candy Tyner says:

    Wow… I am so jealous of your fun times… My Mother grew up in Rhode Island and told all about the great area of New England.
    Very fun… love your lobster Denise…