San Simeon State Park

                             Our campsite


Not sure how it happens but a 150 mile trip took all day.  We woke up early,I had the motorhome packed and ready to go, and then our neighbors called about 8:30 and said “want to go to breakfast?” So of course we went because as of Sunday at 8:30 am we were both on vacation for one whole week.  Breakfast was big, unhealthy and tasted amazing.  Anyway we finally pulled out of the driveway about 11:30.  We made our first planned stop in Gilroy because Paul thinks that Super Wal-Mart is the place to shop!  He keeps reading all about how Rver’s love Wal-Mart so we are trying to keep up with the RVJones!  $200 and an hour and a half later we had our groceries for the week loaded and we were off.  Our next stop was in Salinas to fill up with gas.  It took about 20 minutes and I won’t even share how much.  We made it to San Simeon about 5:00 pm and found the campground pretty full, especially the sites that will hold all 35 feet of us.  We found a couple and settled on one near the restrooms.  Cocktail time!!!  .   From our site we can hear the ocean and it sounds wonderful.  The sky has cleared and we can see so many stars. Vacation is great and just think in a short time I get to do this everyday.  I wonder if every day will be this relaxing after we hit the road. Next is dinner and a nice walk around the campground and pay our fees for the night.  Then Paul decides that our site is just too sloped and the slope goes right down to the restrooms.  He is afraid he might drink too much and start rolling!  Anyway we pack up and relocate.  Since I am the one that is now in charge of backing into the sites when we pull out I drive.  We get to the new site, which is very flat and really close to the ocean.  Time for more cocktails and a fire. Hm, maybe he was right about the slope!  We are very happy in this new location but are not sure where to put the rest of the family when they show up later this week. We will work on that tomorrow.  


A view from our livingroom

San Simeon State Beach looking south toward Cambria







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