Duke runs away and another beautiful beach

Sunday morning I am making breakfast and I need milk from Pat.  What I didn’t realize is I had started the gas on the stove and never lit it before leaving the rig!  Not a good idea.  I am in Pat’s rig and I hear our alarm go off.  Paul goes inside and figures out what the problem is.  I turn the alarm off but Duke hates that alarm.  In fact when he sees me getting cleaning supplies in the bathroom he goes into panic mode because when I clean sometimes the alarm goes off from the cleaning supplies.  The alarm is off, we are waiting for the propane to clean, Kip is petting and calming Duke and breakfast is on the way.  Everything is going great and then Paul gets a call on his phone from a number he doesn’t recognize.


“Hi, I have Duke!”


” I have Duke, I live in site 700″

That’s scary, we didn’t even know Duke was missing.  Apparently when we all went back to our business Duke decided the alarm was just too much and left!  I guess we will have to be tying him up outside for awhile.  Poor guy!

Breakfast was great and after we put Duke in the rig (he is going to hate us!) and headed for Cape May which is another beach community at the tip of the Jersey Shore area.  More beautiful beaches, food and great fresh air.

The sand is so white

Cape May is known for it's Victorian Style

They will never fit!!!

3 Responses to “Duke runs away and another beautiful beach”

  1. Pat Bennett says:

    Glad you gave me a heads up-I missed the last three blogs! I’m jealous-would love to go back east and maybe next year I’ll bite the bullet and off I go!

  2. Pat Bennett says:

    Oh, yeah-where’s the pix of Pat and Kip?

  3. Diana Woods says:

    sounds like the fun and excitement continue 🙂