Atlantic City

Memorial Weekend is going to be spent on the Jersey Shore.  I have always heard the beaches here are amazing and they are.  Beautiful towns, boardwalks alone the dune line that goes on forever, lots of access points to the beaches.   It is very humid here and the RV park where we are staying there is lots of little nats that like to bite.  The RV park isn’t very nice but the neighbors are great!  The guy next door (never learned his name) gave us flounder that was outstanding.  We tried to get more the next day but he missed the hints!

Friday Paul went out to see some RV dealers in the area (someone has to work!) so Kip was in charge of entertaining the women!  We went to Ocean City which is about 20 miles south of Atlantic City.  We took a short walk on the beach, admired the joggers on the boardwalk and looked for lunch!  Ocean City is a beautiful little city with an excellent beach however you can’t buy a bottle of anything here!  There is a huge liquor store just off the island which is quite busy but no liquor anywhere on the island, not even in a restaurant!

Ocean City Beach

Saturday we went to Atlantic City.  I am thinking lots of casinos, smoke, etc.  Atlantic City does have casinos but they almost seem an afterthought!  The boardwalk runs between the casinos and the beach.  Along the boardwalk you have all the usual beach food stands, games, souvenir shops, tattoo parlors, massage stands, fortune tellers and then there are the bars on the beach side.   I am thinking an umbrella drink on the beach sounds great!  We enter the bar area where they are having a beautiful legs contest.  Two entries!  Then they have the best beard contest and can only find 2 guys with beards!  Upon further observation I realize there is an age maximum at this bar!  Besides being at least twice the age of the average customer there was no seating in the shade so we departed and returned to Casears Casino where we found a nice bar with an elderly bartender that make a pretty good cosmo.  Here is an interesting thing, with your drink you get a “free” bottle of Casears water!  A round of drinks was $50 but we got four, 6 oz. bottles of water free!

Boardwalk, check out the push cart!

Miles of beach

Rides were less than overwhelming

The beach here was beautiful and Atlantic City was much more fun than I thought it would be.  It is like Santa Cruz on steroids except the rides at Santa Cruz are way better.

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